How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience? (2023)

Marketing is a creative and quantitative job that allows you to use your multifunctional skills. It is an industry with lots of opportunities and is ideal for effective, decisive, and strategic individuals. You need outstanding communication capabilities, that you can learn through marketing courses and that nearly everyone around you can relate to.

The Marketing Week 2019 Carrier and Salary Survey states that over half (5 percent) of marketing professionals say that they did not study academic or technical credentials related to marketing. And not everyone found their qualifications to be useful to those who did it.

This doesn’t mean a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary. It means, that even if you don’t have a marketing degree on your resume and no experience, you could be also a candidate.

Writing a resume for entry-level marketing

Here is our guide for writing the ideal marketing resume with no experience.

Enhance Your Resume with Certifications

Since we live in the industry 4.0 era, the opinions on a bachelor’s degree or experience started to change. Your creativity, skills, and goals are now as valuable as your prior works and education. So we encourage you to get some credible digital marketing certificates at the beginning.

How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience? (1)

Based on the clear message that you are serious about marketing to a potential employer or your first freelance customer, it reveals that you try to think about marketing.

A lot of fancy online digital marketing courses are available. We suggest that you obtain a range of basic certifications from leading organizations.

There is a wide range and you should deepen the issues that you are most interested in.

Display them with pride when you receive your certificates! Put them on your resume, post them on your LinkedIn profile and share them with your friends your performance. It doesn’t just encourage you to look more professional, it makes you more motivated.

We also explained how to feature your online courses on your CV.

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Read a Lot

You need to continue learning after you understand the basics. Spending at least 4 hours per week in marketing on blogs, webinars, articles, and podcasts on the new marketing innovations could help you fill your entry-level marketing resume with no experience. The marketing industry is highly competitive, and you should stay up-to-date while practicing regularly.

Since the books get outdated so fast, your real secret is blogs and podcasts. You will find your favorite ones gradually and start to return to them regularly.

You can use the advice of marketing people when familiarizing yourself with the digital marketing blogosphere. There are curated collections of papers approved by real people.

Take Action

Reading is fine, but you need to begin applying your knowledge in practice to learn broadly.

If you think that you have no practical experience, you can create your first gig for cutting-edge marketing resumes for the first job.

Create Your Side Hustle

You should launch something yourself as quickly as possible. For instance, start a WWII tank model podcast on Spotify, grow an Instagram page, and launch a blog. Use your enthusiasm to create a marketing project.

While they might not be known quickly, these mediums are just as much marketing experience in the eyes of an employer as a structured job.

As the marketing process gets flexible, these projects are great to amplify your resume. If you can demonstrate that you can do this on a side project without budgets, this also demonstrates that you can fit a paid project.

Invest in Your Future

You could just start a homemade pastry shop with a friend. Perhaps the dog rescue shelter wants its social media presence to do a better job. Or even for the new term, your university must encourage its postgraduate roles.

Tons of initiatives are in desperate need of the help of a marketer. You will have to work with them with a lot of dedication and as a “test subject.” At this point, volunteering is investing in your resume and your future job as a marketer. Just try to see the win-win situation and see it as a marketing internship to fill your resume with no experience.

How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience? (2)How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience? (3)

Create Your Network

  • You now have to find someone to speak with. This is the networking strength.
  • First of all, networking is an ability that you should master. It’s the result of a lifelong aversion to many people I don’t recognize. Don’t take my word, agree with HBR and the New York Times.
  • Let’s go deeper now, as we have a major concern. Networking is not aimed at finding a job at this stage. The marketing experts need to be identified.
  • Wanna visit the local community? A meeting is a good place to get started and Facebook events are also working.
  • Would you like to go virtually? There are several choices then. Groups on Facebook and Slack communities for digital marketers are good places to go deep.

Choose the Format for Your Resume

Today we use several main resume templates: chronological, functional, and hybrid, all combined. A chronological summary format lists the reverse-chronological work history of a nominee.

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A functional resume format is intended to highlight rather than job experience the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. While this functional CV format can be an enticing choice for low-level job seekers, most employers prefer chronological or hybrid resume formats. No matter which type of resume you want, make sure your format is consistent during the work resumption.

Write a Cover Letter

Even if you are not wanted, sending a short cover letter with your CV is always a good idea. Cover letters show you where your personality comes from and why you are the ideal candidate for this role you must use them. A letter in a stand-out cover can persuade an employer to interview you if your curriculum vitae doesn’t contain everything you want to see.

Customize Your Resume for Each Job Application

Various work posts will include different keywords, various tasks, and so forth. The best approach for having your application noticed and potentially reaching your first job is the appeal to the criteria and requirements of each employer.

Emphasize your Personality and Attitude

Have you noticed how many job descriptions speak of a good mindset or a solid work ethic? This is because these characteristics are universally bound to be a great worker. Employment managers also search for a great individual who can then train in the appropriate skills.

Use your CV and cover letter to clarify the personality features that will make you a better colleague and employee. This can be done by including personal accomplishments which show your drive and willingness.

Specify Your Proposal for a Particular Value

You have a unique mix of talents, features, and experiences that distinguish you from other marketers. You have to describe precisely what this particular mixture is, to produce a genuinely successful resume – we’ll call it your proposal for value.

Think about what distinguishes you from other marketers in order to build your value proposition. Is this your in-depth marketing analysis knowledge? Do you have the capacity to write outstanding headlines? Maybe it’s your talent to create tough videos? Or maybe you have an amazing record of using social media to boost sales? Anyway, you can use it to distinguish your CV from the crowd.

Digital Marketing Resume Examples

It is time to prepare your digital marketing CV and you look at a blank page. This is certainly the worst and most daunting element of the process of resume writing. In order to reduce this strain, we have prepared Digital Marketing CVs to assist you to construct a CV that will provide you with interviews for your next (or first) career in digital marketing in 2022.

The most difficult thing is the beginning. These resumes in the link below have contributed to the interviews of digital marketers with firms like Slack and Stripe.

Why Do These Resumes Help?

For both a human and a computer, your digital marketing resume structure should be straightforward to understand. This means that any graphics or difficult formatting should be avoided. Split your CV into consumable pieces to make life easy for the person to check it out.

Maintain a One-Page Resume

  • Your professional experience should be divided into bullet points easy to read.
  • Avoid every grammar and orthographic error. Don’t let it be the reason why you’re not getting an interview!

You know the value of measurement and reporting firsthand as a digital marketer. As such, while summarizing your former employment experience, you should aim to use numbers. Any good digital marketer’s ultimate objective is to make more money for their business. Prove that you can measure your influence in your previous employment.

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As a digital marketing manager, it is crucial that you show ownership of past efforts. The best method to do this is by using verbs. You will see in this summary words such as “owned,” “optimized,” “driven,” and “designed.

Your curriculum vitae title should always be the same as your title (immediately under your name). So if you apply for the position of a digital marketing manager, you should be called “digital marketing manager.”

You should expand on the section about education when you are a digital marketer seeking your first full-time employment. You must lead your curriculum vitae with your strength and these strengths should be what you learned when you have no work experience yet. Try always to include your projects as a digital marketer at the entrance level. The beauty of digital marketing is that you don’t have to start with much money.

The purpose of integrating your curriculum vitae projects is to show the recruitment manager that you have a digital marketer capability and will succeed.

Digital Marketing Resume Templates

Here are the various websites that provide valuable digital marketing resume templates to download:

1. Enhancv

This digital marketing resume guide will teach you:

  • How to select the correct layout of your resume based on your degree of experience.
  • What stands out from a curriculum vitae and makes you notice.
  • How to build a convincing and effective digital marketing resume goal or summary.
  • How to be employed without experience as a digital marketer.
  • Toward Whether a segment of education is required.
  • Which will make a difference in digital marketing skills and certificates.


This digital marketing resume sample provides you with:

    • How you can demonstrate your greatest achievements and traits
    • How to employ as many powerful verbs and job details as possible
    • How to demonstrate the important characteristics and strategy
  • How to present your qualifications and achievements for this role effectively

3. Resume Genius

You can find a different point of view in this digital marketing cv:
If you lack much or no experience in digital marketing and, say, create a digital marketing resume, then the ideal way is to have a functional layout. This kind of CV emphasizes skills over work experience (more on how to include your skills later).

A conventional, chronological approach that highlights your professional experience is appropriate for those with more experience. You may still wish to add specific parts about your skills, but the focus should be on your true work experience.

4. Career Addict

Professionals in digital marketing are in great demand but also face lots of competition. So, if you want to bag your ideal job as a digital marketer, you will need a CV to attract the attention of the hiring manager. Fortunately, in digital marketing, this website has provided the best summary examples for you in the process of writing a brilliant document.

Also, to write an effective digital marketing resume, you can take different courses about digital marketing and improve your knowledge. This way you will have more chances.

Bonus: Digital Marketing Resume Template

How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience? (4)


If you have little or no experience, writing a marketing CV at the entry level can be difficult. However, you have a big advantage over your senior colleagues – since the day you were born you have breathed social media.

Significance—you are more technologically knowledgeable than the rest. And in your curriculum vitae, you will learn to show it. You’re in the proper place.

A marketing entry-level resume sample of 9 out of 10 other resumes is better than 9.

In this guide, you learned how to write a marketing resume at the entry-level to get more interviews, tips, and examples of how skills and achievements might be placed at a beginning level.


What do I put on my resume if I have no experience? ›

You can create a killer no-experience resume by emphasizing your education instead. Include relevant internships, soft & hard skills, and projects. Other sections you can include on your resume are hobbies & interests, languages, certifications, or achievements.

What skills should I list on my resume for marketing? ›

These are some of the most important skills for marketing that you should try to incorporate into your resume.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Communication.
  • Social media.
  • Content management systems.
  • Analytics.
  • Mobile advertising.
  • Video content.
  • Layout and design.

How do I say I have no experience? ›

If you're asked a question about prior experience regarding something you've never done, the best way to answer isn't to say “No, I've never done that.” Or, “No, I don't have experience in that area.” The best way to handle the question is to say something along these lines: While I have not had any direct experience ...

How do you say you have no experience but willing to learn in a cover letter? ›

As a (previous volunteer position or otherwise) I was able to (skill or experience completed) in order to (result accomplished.) I believe my (relevant skills) make me the right candidate for your position and will allow me to bring (examples of what you can offer the company).

Do entry-level resumes need a summary? ›

Should you use a resume summary? In general, a summary is the better choice if you have at least three years of relevant experience, while objectives are better for entry-level candidates to describe their short-term career goals. However, there are no hard rules on which to use.

How many words should an entry-level resume have? ›

While there's no exact answer, but recent research shows that the “sweet spot” for resume length is between 475 and 600 words. According to new research by TalentWorks that analyzed over 6,000 job applications from 66 industries, the sweet spot for resume length is between 475 and 600 words.

What are employers looking for in marketing? ›

“Employers want people who are experienced in digital and social media marketing,” McDermott says. “Today, we have search engine marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and online advertising. People who are comfortable working in these channels are in high demand.”

What are the three most important skills for a marketing career? ›

What Skills Do You Need for Marketing?
  • Communication. ...
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving. ...
  • Attention to Detail. ...
  • Interpersonal Skills. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Writing. ...
  • Data Analysis & Analytics.

What is the job description for marketing? ›

The marketing job description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they monitor market trends, create advertising campaigns, develop pricing strategies and targeting strategies based on demographic data and work with the company to develop more awareness of what they offer.

What are examples of marketing experience? ›

Examples of Experiential Marketing
  • Business events, festivals, award ceremonies.
  • Activities and kiosks at trade shows.
  • Samplings or demos.
  • Unique experiences that fit with the brand.
  • Retreats.
  • Ways for brands and loyal customers to do social good together.
25 Mar 2022

What marketing skills means? ›

This means being able to identify customers' problems, sometimes before they do, and find a way of addressing those needs and problems through the products and services that you provide. This requires use of two skill areas: communication skills and analytical skills.

What's considered marketing experience? ›

You'll need to have experience with sales to be considered for a marketing job. If you've worked in marketing in the past, you probably have a good understanding of how to market a product. But if you've never worked in the industry before, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your skills.

How do you answer why should I hire you with no experience? ›

“Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.

How do you answer why should I hire you? ›

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You
  1. Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. ...
  2. Highlight that you'll fit in and be a great addition to the team. ...
  3. Describe how hiring you will make their life easier and help them achieve more.
8 Jul 2022

How do you sell yourself in 25 words or less with no experience? ›

  1. Professionals suggest 'selling yourself' in 25 words or less in emails or resumes.
  2. Highlight your standout features and make sure everything is spelt correctly.
  3. Keep points relevant to the job you're going for, don't include all experience.
  4. Once you find your unique selling point you will stand out from the crowd.
6 May 2020

What do you say in an interview if you have no experience? ›

Using your own words, try something along the lines of: "I am interested in an entry-level position. I know I have much to learn, and I'm looking for an opportunity that will let me build a solid professional foundation.

How do you get a job you're not qualified for? ›

How to get a job you're not qualified for
  1. Understand the role. Before you apply for any role, it's useful to understand the role and its responsibilities based on the job description or listing. ...
  2. Target your resume. ...
  3. Explain why you'd be a good fit. ...
  4. Highlight what's unique about you. ...
  5. Ask thorough questions in interviews.
25 Aug 2021

How do you tell a recruiter you are not qualified? ›

In your email, thank the recruiter for taking their time to reach out to you. Then, explain that after careful consideration, you have decided that the position is not a good fit. Clearly state that you are no longer interested in moving forward and that you want to withdraw your name from the candidacy.

What's a headline in a resume? ›

A resume headline is a concise description located just below your name and above your resume summary. It quickly communicates who you are as a candidate and, when written effectively, grabs the attention of hiring managers. Headlines are an important addition to your resume.

What is a good objective for a beginner resume? ›

Career Objective Examples for Freshers

Seeking a challenging position in a reputed organization where I can learn new skills, expand my knowledge, and leverage my learnings. To get an opportunity where I can make the best of my potential and contribute to the organization's growth.

How do I fluff my resume? ›

4 Ways To Turn Resume Fluff Into Marketable Facts
  1. Don't Rely On Terms That Describe Character (Soft Skills) Bigstock. ...
  2. Use Numbers And Symbols. Bigstock. ...
  3. Don't List Responsibilities Of Your Previous Jobs, Demonstrate Outcomes. Bigstock. ...
  4. Only Detail Specialized Technical Skills. Bigstock.

Is it OK to have a 2 page resume? ›

A two-page resume works well for many job candidates. It's particularly useful for job seekers with 10 or more years of relevant experience. The extra page can be necessary to communicate all of the skills and experience the employer needs to see.

How do I make a resume on Indeed with no experience? ›

Because you do not have work experience, you can focus your resume on the relevant skills you have that align with the role. Use the job description to identify which skills the employer prioritizes. Think about skills gained through school, extracurricular activities or hobbies that you could transfer to this role.

What kind of skill is digital marketing? ›

Digital marketing is a career that combines traditional marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, and much more, so the traits required to succeed are many and varied.

What is the job description for digital marketing? ›

Plans and executes all web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns. Designs, builds, and maintains our social media presence. Measures and reports performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assesses against goals (ROI and KPIs).

What do digital marketers do? ›

Digital marketers are in charge of driving brand awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels — both free and paid — that are at a company's disposal. These channels include social media, the company's own website, search engine rankings, email, display advertising, and the company's blog.

How can I get into marketing with no experience? ›

Here's a few other things to remember:
  1. Take a job supporting the sales organization of the company you want to work for. ...
  2. Write an incredible cover letter. ...
  3. Get in front of the people who can help you get the job. ...
  4. Know that you don't know much. ...
  5. Pick up some soft skills. ...
  6. Watch webinars and recorded training.
13 Jun 2014

What marketing skills are most in-demand? ›

The full list of in-demand skills for 2022, according to digital marketing job data on LinkedIn, includes:
  • Copywriting.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Marketing Automation and Technology.
  • Audience Building.
  • Project Management.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
2 Jun 2022

What are the four marketing skills? ›

The four Ps are a “marketing mix” comprised of four key elements—product, price, place, and promotion—used when marketing a product or service. Typically, businesses consider the four Ps when creating marketing plans and strategies to effectively market to their target audience.

What training is needed for marketing? ›

Business and Marketing Education Requirements

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that many entry-level marketing jobs typically require a bachelor's degree. Undergraduate marketing education programs typically lead to a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing or a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.

What is the difference between sales and marketing? ›

Sales and marketing are crucial pillars of every business. They are closely linked and act as a catalyst for generating revenue (profit). While marketing is about building awareness about a brand and organization, sales turn that viewership into profits by converting the potential customers into actual customers.

What should a marketing CV look like? ›

Tips and tricks
  • Use clear, professional, and brief language.
  • Be persuasive and concise.
  • Use marketing skills to market yourself for a CV.
  • Use keywords based on the job description and the company's 'About us' page.
  • Propose your value by showing off your unique skills and qualities.

What are the 5 roles of marketing? ›

5 key functions of marketing
  • Research. In the research stage, marketers uncover consumer behaviours and practices. ...
  • Product. This involves planning for new products and analysing existing ones to find out if there is still a market for them. ...
  • Distribution. ...
  • Management. ...
  • Sales promotion.
30 Nov 2021

What qualities should a marketing person have? ›

7 most important qualities to look for in a marketer
  • Motivation.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Lifelong learner.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Initiative.
  • Results-orientation.
5 Jul 2019

What are the qualities of a good marketer? ›

Qualities of good marketers
  • Having a desire to keep learning new marketing strategies.
  • Knowing their customers and markets.
  • Showing time management skills.
  • Managing large workloads.
  • Creating memorable customer experiences.
  • Understanding their competitors.
  • Setting clear and actionable goals.
29 Mar 2021

How do you describe marketing skills? ›

This means being able to identify customers' problems, sometimes before they do, and find a way of addressing those needs and problems through the products and services that you provide. This requires use of two skill areas: communication skills and analytical skills.

What skills do marketing graduates need? ›

Five skills you need to get a graduate job in marketing
  • Interpersonal skills. ...
  • Creativity. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Customer focus. ...
  • Commercial awareness. ...
  • Data analysis skills. ...
  • Search optimisation skills. ...
  • Social media skills.

What skills should a marketing manager have? ›

Here are the top 10 skills you need to succeed as a marketing manager.
  • An ability to understand buyer needs. ...
  • Know the sales process. ...
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ...
  • Creativity and writing skills. ...
  • Good teamwork skills. ...
  • Communication skills and networking. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Good organization and planning skills.

What are marketing technical skills? ›

Technical skills like analytical reasoning, affiliate marketing, and business analysis are essential to succeeding as a marketer. But you'll need more than those to build a thriving career.


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