What is White Label Content Marketing? 11 Answers - Terkel (2023)

What is white label content marketing?

What does white label content mean? Here are 11 answers and definitions from marketing experts of white label content marketing:

  • Get a Third Party to Give Your Brand a Consistent Identity
  • Content Created by One Company and Rebranded by Another
  • Own and Earn From a Blog Post Written by Someone Else
  • Get the Best Content From an Expert to Satisfy Your Clients
  • A Model Catering to Brands Seeking Effective Ready-Made Content Marketing Products
  • Using a Third-party for Content Writing and Marketing
  • Content Created by a Freelancer for You
  • Content Marketing That Creates the Impression You Choose
  • A Marketing Model That Increases Efficiency
  • White-Label Content From an Expert to Increase Your Credibility
  • Content Marketing Strategy That Helps You Stay Competitive

Get a Third Party to Give Your Brand a Consistent Identity

White label content marketing is a type of content marketing that is provided by a third-party content provider and rebranded by the company that purchases it. Companies can effectively outsource their requirements by utilizing a strategy known as content marketing outsourcing. By acquiring white-label content instead of creating its content, businesses can save time and money. In addition, white-label content can be customized to fit the company’s branding guidelines. Companies who want to keep a consistent brand identity will find that this is the ideal solution for their needs.

Saneem Ahearn, Colorescience

What is White Label Content Marketing? 11 Answers - Terkel (1)

Content Created by One Company and Rebranded by Another

If you’re not familiar with the term, “white label content marketing” refers to content that’s created by one company and then used or rebranded by another. It’s a bit like those store-brand cereals that are really just Cheerios with a different name.

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In the world of content marketing, white label content is usually high-quality stuff that’s been repurposed for a new audience. For example, let’s say you’re a web design agency that specializes in creating websites for small businesses.

You might create a blog post about the benefits of having an uber-well-designed website, and then offer to white label that content to your clients so they can share it on their own blogs and social media channels. As far as your clients are concerned, it’s original content from you – even though all you did was “repurpose” something you already had.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Own and Earn From a Blog Post Written by Someone Else

When you create content for your own use from an external content creator, it is called white label content marketing. You can get many benefits from white-label content marketing. For example, you buy a blog post for yourself from a writer and later sell it to someone else for double the price by giving your name. By doing this you can earn money or double your profits from white label content marketing.

Lachlan de Crespigny, Revelo

What is White Label Content Marketing? 11 Answers - Terkel (2)

Get the Best Content From an Expert to Satisfy Your Clients

White-label content marketing is a strategy where an agency can get content for themselves from an external writer or from another agency. This content can be a blog post, social media post, video creation, and much more. The advantage of white label content marketing is that you can build awareness of your brand faster because you need good content to promote the brand, which you can white label from an expert — without you having to spend time and resources in creating your own content. You get the best content to satisfy your clients — and the external agency gets their money for the services.

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Daniel Close, We Buy Houses in Kentucky

A Model Catering to Brands Seeking Effective Ready-Made Content Marketing Products

White-label content marketing is the practice of creating generic content marketing services whose copyrights extend to anyone who purchases them.

This model primarily caters to brands seeking ready-made, customizable, and proven effective content marketing products that they can capitalize on, label, and use as their own. Given that the products are distributed to the market under the buyer’s brand name, they essentially become the business’s intellectual property.

Therefore, any or all legal liabilities fall on them, unless otherwise specified in an existing White Label Agreement. Buyers must also ensure this agreement defines whether the white-label content marketer retains ownership of the product formulations to validate the lawful distribution of said materials.

Collen Clark, Schmidt & Clark, LLP

Using a Third-Party for Content Writing and Marketing

White-label content marketing refers to using a third-party freelancer or agency that helps a company with its content stratification and marketing plan. If done right, it will help you become an expert in the market because of the top-notch content marketing. White label marketing helps you save both time and money.

Madhurima Halder, Recruit CRM

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Content Created by a Freelancer for You

White label content is similar to ghostwriting in that it is created by a freelancer or agency and then published as your own. When done correctly, white label content can save you a lot of time and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

With thousands of new businesses opening every day, the demand for white label content marketing has increased significantly, particularly among small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE), small businesses account for the vast majority of businesses in the United States.

According to the council, small businesses accounted for the majority of job growth in the United States. Content marketing is a critical early lead generation opportunity for small businesses, and white label content creation is an absolute must.

Samantha Odo, Precondo

Content Marketing That Creates the Impression You Choose

White label content marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to sell your own brand or company as the source of the content. You can also use white label content marketing to sell other companies’ brands, but it’s most often used by small businesses that want to appear larger than they are.

In a nutshell, white label content marketing means you’re getting paid to create content that looks like it came from a much bigger company. For example, let’s say you have a small clothing store with a loyal customer base—you might offer your customers online coupons for 20% off their next purchase if they share your coupon code on social media. With white label content marketing, these coupons would be branded with names like “JCPenney” or “Target” instead of yours. The benefit of this is that it gives the impression that you’re backed by a larger company and therefore more trustworthy.

Amer Hasovic, Love & Lavender


A Marketing Model That Increases Efficiency

When you get content from a freelancer or agency to publish on your website or sell to a client, it’s called white-label content marketing. You can paste your brand logo or anything you wish on this content, and you can sell it with your name or publish it on your own website — It is entirely up to you. The benefit of white-label content marketing is that the time and effort you put into content creation can be spent on other marketing plans.

Alex Savy, Comfynorth

White-Label Content From an Expert to Increase Your Credibility

White label content marketing refers to content that you get written by another author or agency for your own use. This gives you the advantage that if you don’t have a writer available to write content that makes your content stand out from the rest, you can white label content from an expert. And content written by an expert has the advantage that your content has more value than others, which easily increases your credibility. All while doing almost nothing.

Rameez Usmani, The Stock Dock

Content Marketing Strategy That Helps You Stay Competitive

Content written by others for you is called white label content marketing. For example, for blogging, you ask other writers to write blogs for you, which you publish on your own website, then this procedure is called white label content. Therefore, the benefit of this is that as you know nowadays, the more creative the content, the more it grows and stays in the lead. But creating the best content is very difficult, and that’s where you can white label the best content for your site or clients. And always be ahead of your competition.

Steve Elliott, Restoration1

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What is white label content marketing? ›

White label content is simply when an agency hires writers or purchases content to resell to clients as their own service. The content could be blog posts, social media, web copy, lead magents or any other type of content you provide for clients.

What is a white label solution? ›

What is a White Label Solution? As a rule, this term relates to the products or services that were designed and approved by an enterprise, so that it could be sold to a business concern. Company B has the right to use the product or service under its own label.

What is an example of a white label product? ›

For example, you could purchase a set of sugar cubes and then resell them under your brand name without changing the packaging or labeling on the product. These sugar cubes would be white-label items.

What is another name for white label? ›

What is White Label and/or Private Label? The terms white label and private label are often used interchangeably (however there are subtle nuances). White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser.

What is white label social media? ›

A white label social network platform is a software platform that allows you to create your own private, “members only” online community all under your own branding.

What is white label copywriting? ›

White label copywriting is copy that is written anonymously by a copywriting agency or freelance writer. This outsourced copy is then given to your client as your work and deliverable, enabling you to offer copywriting as an additional service, or take the pressure off your content team.

What is white label design? ›

What is White-Label Graphic Design? Simply put, white-labeling is a manufacturer—reseller business model where one company will manufacturer a product (generally software) or offer a software-related service that can be rebranded and resold by a reseller.

What is white label domain? ›

The GoodData white labeling program is a service that enables customers to remove branding elements in the GoodData Portal and optionally replace them with branding from the customer enterprise. White-labeling is applied to Your GoodData Domain.

What is white label in business? ›

“white label business” refers to a fully supported product or service that is made by one company but sold by another. White label product definition implies that it is a “raw” generic commodity, which is consequently rebranded, customized with the company's logo, label, and identity, and used as their own.

What is the opposite of white label? ›

In a private label relationship, the buyer specifies the design, parts, ingredients, or offerings. In a white label relationship, while the provider or manufacturer may offer a range of customizations to fit specific needs, they specify the design, parts, ingredients, or offerings.

What does white label app mean? ›

A white label app is a generic app that is created by software developers as a sort of blank slate. These kinds of apps are designed solely with the intent of reselling it to a business that would like to rebrand the app as their own. They can be injected with just enough online branding to stand out from the crowd.

Is white labeling legal? ›

Do you need permission to white label products? To legally sell white label products under your own brand name, you must craft a manufacturing, branding, and sales agreement with a white label manufacturer. Like all business contracts, these agreements should be crafted with the help of a specialized lawyer.

What's the difference between white label and private label? ›

What Is White Label vs Private Label? White label vs private label differs in that white label products are generic and sold to multiple retailers who then brand and price the products based on their niche market. Private label products are exclusively sold to one retailer and are unique to them.

What is white label in alcohol? ›

What are "white label" drinks & beverages? White Label is simply a term for taking an already produced product and making it your own.

What is white label technology? ›

The white label technology is a ready-made licensed software product developed by one company and rebranded by another one, to make it appear its own.


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